October 10, 2018
Holly V
the focused audience on Kids items
October 04, 2018
Tracy O
"easy to sign up, make tags, drop off and friendly staff. check was sued in a timely manner after the event ended. great location with plenty of room for items. "
October 03, 2018
Kaylynn N
"Everything is all together, in one place, used but I found some awesome stuff "
October 03, 2018
Jamie L
That everything is organized so well and the prices are great. Most of the time items are in good or great condition.
October 03, 2018
Jeanne M
I love finding new things for my kids to wear. I love being able to recycle their clothes and make some money getting rid of things that they grow out of or no longer use. This is an awesome event!
October 03, 2018
Katherine S
Both the opportunity to make a little money and to save money
October 03, 2018
Shaye R
Finding great deals on items I can't always find someplace else!
October 03, 2018
Toni W
"it's a great way to make some extra money! I love the savings I get when shopping the event! I have met some super nice people while doing my volunteer hours!!!"
October 03, 2018
Susan G
"I can buy nearly-new clothes for my active kids for very little money--good brands, too! I love taking the items my kids can no longer use and turn them into clothes they can wear and toys they can play with! JBF pays better than any consignment store in the area. I love being a part of it."
September 12, 2018
Donna G
Being able to get rid of outgrown clothes and toys and make room for “new” stuff. Donating what doesn’t sell is an added plus.
April 04, 2018
Rin H
I like that they have great prices; are organized; have friendly staff and consigner volunteers; and frequency and multiple locations of the sales.
April 04, 2018
Michelle B
JBF is a wonderful program from the organization of how the employee's put it all together to the great customer service. I love the idea of being able to sell my gently used baby clothes and kids toys. Just getting a little money for them is helpful and I appreciate how the rest is taking care of and sent off to a good charity! Thank you JBF for all you do!
April 02, 2018
Marian M
" Ease of set up! Loved the new Zone drop offs! Everything was well set-up, not a jumbled mess on Wednesday. As for the sale, great selection, good prices! "
March 30, 2018
Susan G
"My budget loves it because the prices are so crazy good, my kids love it because they get new toys, I love it because I can do all their clothes shopping for the season in one afternoon--it's win-win for everyone!"
March 29, 2018
Tanya R
"This was a great event, very organized."
March 28, 2018
Vivian M
Fun $ people bargains
March 28, 2018
Lillian C
Getting more money back for my consignment
March 28, 2018
Christina N
"I enjoy selling and shopping! I did not care at all for the payment method for sellers this time, I would rather wait for a check to be mailed or get PayPal. Mobile banking wouldn't take the check and it took a lot of explaining to the teller to get her to accept it for deposit."
March 28, 2018
Renee H
Peak shopping hours easy for consignment.


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We are looking for a local business to Sponsor our sales event.  Please forward suggested companies to:  shannoncmc@jbfsale.com.